What happened to It's A Beautiful Day

Notice, this website is a mirror site that was created after a temperary shut down of the Fortunecity servers on June 9th, 2001..This website will likely not be updated, so please see the orginal website in the meantime..Thanks

Ever wonder what happened to It's A Beautiful Day?..Maybe the following will help answer that question..Check back often for new stuff and info.

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This website is dedicated to Pattie Santos

About two years ago, I came across this article in a local legal newspaper..

Three days later, this response was printed in the same paper from the LaFlammes..

More information on the legal situation, court documents, Katz and more can be found by clicking on this link,
while current/past legislation before Congress dealing with the name issue can be found here

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New!!!-May 19th, 2001, photo gallery supplied by Rosie Wagenet, wife of original guitarist for It's A Beautiful Day, Hal Wagenet,

and another, second photo gallery from Rosie just added

New-added-May 28, more photo's from Rosie, Fillmore, 6/12/1998

The Fourth installment of Rosies photo's from San Rafael, California, 1998

Hal and Rosie Wagenet would like to hear from you about anything related to It's A Beautiful Day or photo's or whatever.

email Rosie

email Hal

New!!!-May 17th, a rare photo supplied by Hal Wagenet, from around 1971
This photo is part of two pages in a book titled "They Came To Play: Stories From The Early Days Of Rock", by Garret Mathews(McGregor Publishing)....This book is available through Amazon and then type in "Garret Mathews" in the search box, or by clicking here
This book is highly recommended reading and here is the first page of Hal Wagenets take on It's A Beautiful Day and here is the second page from this book

Here's another page that's easier to read on Hal's take on what happened to It's A Beautiful Day

New-March 14th, 2001....Bill Gregory, original guitarist on Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime and Live At Carnegie Hall(1971-1973) has recently gotten ahold of me through this website and we had a nice chat....Bill lives in New Orleans and has been playing around the world as a blues guitarist since IABD, but he misses his first love, rock & roll, and IABD...This is all brand new and hopefully I can get some more info for this fine guitarist, but for now, please check out www.allmusic.com and do a search for Bill Gregory

Also, check out a brand new sub section I created for Billy for updates and such

updated tour schedule(June 3, 2001)

More on David LaFlamme

click here for the poster section

The story behind the first album cover..George Hunter of the original Charlatans was the artist

The original oil painting of the first album cover!

Here's a photo I took a couple of weeks ago on August 6th,2000 of Hal and Rosie Wagenet standing in front of the house where Hal and Patty Santos lived back in the 60's...This house is on Potrero Hill in San Francisco...A second larger photo of Hal and Rosie

click here for recent concert reviews, and criticsm

A link to a Dutch Art film called "Stamping Ground" from 1970...More info can be found here
For the musicians out there, here's the lyrics and tablature to White Bird

This photo is very rare from 1970
It shows the first personnel changes in the band with the loss of the original keyboardist and singer songwriter, Linda LaFlamme(the first Linda LaFlamme)..This shows the new keyboardest, Fred Webb...This was taken from an old Goldmine article long out of print and was very hard to reproduce..I tried different scanning techniques until I settled on a very high resolution upload and then scaled it back to normal size for viewing..It takes a minute to download, but it's worth it, as it has a very good image of Patty Santos, who is at the bottom..

A group photo from 1968

See the Chaz reviews and a discography
and a black and white photo from the 80's by Pat Johnson

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concert review from June of 98

Choice Quality Stuff album cover and the back cover

A rare CD cover
long time friend of It's A Beautiful Day, Barry Melton, in 1969

Here's another great IABD site that has some cool graphics

Here's a very cool website about It's A Beautiful Day at the Bath Festival/1970

Here's the inside sleeve from this CD